Malaysia’s Professional Human Resources Consultant

We are the trusted human resources consultant in Malaysia, specializing in defining and improving performance in employee engagement and management. As professionals, we understand how cutting costs in HR processes can benefit your business. Outsourcing your human resources needs through a third party doesn’t only help you save, but also gives you more freedom to focus on other aspects of your business. Doing so with an expert human resources consultant like Xinda Human Resources will benefit you even more.

With our experience in human resources, we can help you create a better HR function, while transforming and improving service to employees.

Human Resources Consulting Firm in Malaysia

When you outsource with Malaysia’s trusted human resources consulting firm, you get to focus on more strategic issues of your business. Regardless of whether your company is a complex international enterprise or a company still growing, Xinda human resources consulting firm can help you improve delivery of benefits, reducing risks of compliance, while improving your management as a whole.

You can count on the expertise of our human resources consulting firm, our work quality and modern technology to outsource major components of your HR function. We handle complex HR organizations, managing various aspects like health, retirement and welfare. Our works include:

  • Optimizing organizational structures
  • Designing incentive programs
  • Managing pension risks
  • Developing investment strategies


Trusted HR Consultant Company in Malaysia

In most businesses, people play a big role in ensuring success. In order to compete effectively, you need to find a balance between attracting, motivating, rewarding and retaining your talented employees. You need a reliable HR consultant company to help you with that. This is where we step in.

With years of experience handling various types of businesses, we are ready to go beyond your expectations in providing only the best HR functions. From large companies to small and mid-sized enterprises, we from Xinda HR consultant company can ensure that your specific goals are met. After all, we want to ensure that your HR investments are worth your time and money.