About Us

The Leading Human Resource Consulting Firm in Malaysia

When you choose us as your human resource consulting firm, you are choosing the best as your human capital partner. We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions that manage and mitigate labour-related risks, ultimately assisting you in becoming the top employer of choice.

As the leading human resource consulting firm in Malaysia, we are equipped with a team of highly dedicated and trained consultants. Our passion lies in transforming workplace issues into HR solutions that are effective, comprehensive, and in line with the objective of your business.

The HR department can affect the smoothness of your company’s growth. A good HR consultant will ensure positive development of your workforce, as well as the progress of the management. Some of the aspects that our human resource consulting firm covers are:

  • Recruitment
  • Payroll solutions
  • Training management
  • Talent management


Xinda HR Consulting Company

As one might guess, choosing a good HR consulting company will be the difference between a successful management and a less successful one. Needless to say, you need a HR consulting company that doesn’t only handle all your HR processes, but also keep the needs of your business in check.This is our specialty at Xinda.

The human resources department does not only cover hiring and handling employees, but also ensuring the majority of the working force is properly motivated. The objective of your company must be understood by everyone in it, and that can be achieved with a successful human resources department.

Reducing the cost and complexities of HR processes can be done by anyone, but only experts can properly simplify HR while helping you manage your talents effectively. Let us assist you in raising employee performance, accomplishing strategic, long-term goals and transforming you into the most wanted employer in your industry.